/Getting Married in Conrad Bali? These Couple Got Amazing Experience

Getting Married in Conrad Bali? These Couple Got Amazing Experience

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If you getting married in Conrad Bali this year than you should see for what this couple had on their own wedding.

Dear lovely couple my name is Bima and thank you for visiting my photography blog, I could say that it’s been so great to found you here and when I know that you decide to go to Bali to celebrate your wedding moment than I will share for all information that I had about it.

I’ve been shooting a wedding both in Indonesia and internationally for over than 10 years and BIG YES that I met amazing couple just like you. My previous couple wasn’t different, they face the same problem and got a bit challenge just like what you had right now, so you’re not alone and today I wanna share about my previous couple when they decide to cross thousand miles from Germany and getting married in Conrad Bali.

Bali, first thing first let me tell you a bit more about this city!

By the way I live in a city where I can visit this Land of God for just an hour flight, it gives me freedom to work on photography without stuck in a typical Bali traffic of weekend and holiday.

Back few years ago there is a fact story where I met a guy in a plane where he asking me about Bali. Surely that he never wonder that Bali is a part of Indonesia so for some people they might even think that Bali is country and once you did the same way than I’m gonna tell you that Bali is a city that my country had and gladly I said to you, welcome to this paradise!

By the way finding the right wedding locations isn’t easy even this thing will always be the most exciting part that every couple had. You might think about Jamaica or even Spain for your marriage destination but when you think about Bali than you will visit a city where tradition and modern meet together in one place.

When you spend a nice evening in Bali than you can see a lot of cafes and bar but when you walk down to the small street than you will see so many Balinese wear their white awesome clothes and bring a pack of flowers – chopped of leaves that called Sesaji than they gonna put it on every single corner of their house that symbolize a respectful to the God and the great thing is they did EVERYDAY!

Lets Getting Married in Conrad Bali

I’ve been shooting in Conrad Bali for wedding and found these Germany – Philippine couple, that was amazing day even I got terrible traffic on the way to go there so what I concern about this hotel are about these 3 things:

  • Hospitality
  • Unique Chapel, and
  • Amazing ‘beach-front’ view

All staff are amazing and they will send you a lovely smile once you come into their lobby,

If I could said that why I always wanna back there is their unique chapel, it’s a triangle shape that covered with clear window glass where you can see the beautiful scene of the blue ocean. Definitely you gonna enjoy your blessing ceremony, it’s full air conditioned and their in-house musician surely will sing beautiful wedding songs that you will gonna make unforgettable ceremony for sure.

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married in Bali Indonesia


If you love beach wedding than visiting Indonesia and getting married in Conrad Bali is your best decision that you ever made in your life. You could try to browse your flight ticket immediately (I suggest you to check at least 3-4 months before) and make sure you book your dream hotel and resort.

May to October will be the highest wedding season in Bali so make sure you got a detail schedule before you go there cause one resort there able to provide up to 3 wedding per day.

Once you wanna ask something about getting married in Bali or determine more about my other photo shoot in Bali than I always welcome to talk with you. Kindly simply visit my portfolio to see more photos of mine that represent moment and love wedding story.

Lets keep in touch and I will share another useful article in the next future!