/Easy Father of the Bride Speech Step by Step Tutorials

Easy Father of the Bride Speech Step by Step Tutorials

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If you gonna make a speech for your daughter’s wedding than this easy father of the bride speech step by step tutorials will help you to provide the unforgettable one.

Hi lovely father no matter where you are thanks for visiting my wedding photography blog. By the way I’m Bima the photographer and artist on this blog. I work as well together with my wife and run our own studio since 2008 and being so honor for trusted by various couple that invite us to be the eye witness of their wedding. Till now I fly and shoot wedding in such beautiful destinations like Bali, Hong Kong, and Maldives and you could see my previous wedding shots on the portfolio.

I shot various wedding and enjoying so much for what I had during my entire career and when I saw my couple, their parents, family and friends telling a nice story as a wedding speech sometimes I had my tears drop too. It’s speechless but I enjoying those moment so much. As a guy who bring a camera on the hand and see directly for what my couple had during their wedding than I feel so honor to be in this industry.

easy father of the bride speech
Dad photo on Ben and Terri Wedding in Bali, Indonesia

I know that I’m not the best guy who can teach you how to make a great speech but I’m a person who saw and heard hundred of father’s wedding speech that make my couple cry. So today I’m gonna share to you the main point that you should consider to make a great speech on your boy or daughter’s wedding day.

6 Steps to Make an Easy Father of the Bride Speech

#1 – Make a simple introduction

On this part you can start to introduce your self, I know that everybody knows you as well but this is how to start a good introduction. Simply tell your name and short joke ‘magic’ words just to make you relax.

#2 – Say a welcoming words

As a person who in charge on this wedding or someone who got special connection to the subject that go say a welcoming words. Don’t make as formal as your office meeting by thank to them for their coming, here you also can mentioned your wife’s name and also the groom’s parents too.

#3 – Talk about your daughter

This is your daughter’s big day so give her some nice words that can’t be forgotten, start to her how lucky you are for being her dad and following your wife than she is the one that belongs to your angel. Think simple and you may give your self some note so you can got some guidance for your own.

#4 – Son in Law

As a person who have a daughter I know that day will belong to your hardest moment but it’s now the turn to open your heart and stay positive about your daughter’s future life. Tell your groom that now he belongs to your family too and give some advice to him for always love your daughter till the end of the day.

When I shoot Jasmine and Arthur Wedding, a Germany – Philippines couple back few months ago in Bali, Indonesia, I heard Jasmine’s father tell everyone how Arthur asking him for lunch and during that moment Arthur told Jasmine’s father that he love his daughter so much and really want to marry her.

Those moment become fun and joy when Jasmine’s father tell some joke about ‘Sure you can marry my daughter as long as you pay all this lunch bill!’ you can do a little bit joke like this too and improve it in a good way.

#5 – Share Some Wisdom

In fact you are a father both for your daughter and your son in law now so now it’s your turn to share some wisdom to them. Give a simple steps for keep the life happy or how to keep smiling when they face a problem following this wedding, I know you have a lot of things to say but make it short and simple.

#6 – Time to Toast

Once you finish your speech than ask everyone who come this wedding to stand and raise their glass for your daughter and son in law. Somebody else will do the same thing but the toast is a great way to close your speech as well.

My Last Words for You

I hope you got an inspiration of how to make your wedding speech, it’s not easy for some people but I know you can do it as well. Be confident and think as simple as you can, this situation will bring you into calmness and help you to make the best wedding speech for you daughter.

If you want to remember for what I share today, once again I’m gonna tell you that making a wedding speech is extremely easy even I saw so may father bring his own text during the speech, sure it fine and quite normal. So check these 6 steps to make an easy father of the bride speech below:

  1. Make a simple introduction
  2. Say a welcoming words
  3. Talk about your daughter
  4. Son in Law
  5. Share Some Wisdom
  6. Time to Toast

Last, I would say thank you for visiting my wedding photography blog and I will be more than happy if we can meet each other someday during your daughter’s wedding day. I will back to my post production works for little while but once I done with it than I will keep updating my blog regularly….probably I will publish one new article every week so lets keep in touch and I’ll see you soon!