JWP organize photography workshop and seminar regularly since 2015 that attended by thousand of photographers. Here we share our expertise and experiences in wedding photography to all photographers in all around Indonesia.

Lighting, posing, post production, unique technique, marketing, and branding strategy are our main focus that every photographers can learn in our awesome workshop.

Lets keep in touch on this blog and we gonna deliver incredible photography education that will bring your business in a better way!

Ramadhan dinner – Eastpark Hotel Yogyakarta
Bimo Pradityo, Gde Wira, and Ardi Prabowo Business Sharing – Co Hive Hartono Mall
Bimo Pradityo – Street Photography Presentation
Alvin and Ardi Prabowo on Co Hive Event
Dicky and Yoppy on Wedding Photography Sharing – Hype Kulture
Haryo and friends on Ramadhan Gathering
Aci on Photography Business Sharing at Projomino Resto
Seno and participants at Ramadhan dinner at Eastparc Hotel
Dicky and Yoppy Wedding Photo Share at Hype Kulture
Our participants on Co Hive event